Shifting Consciousness

Mainstream Media is one of the most powerful – if not the most powerful – tools used by the ruling forces of this world to control the masses and keep people from truly knowing what is going on around them.

If you turn on the TV today, you will hear the latest news on a fundamentalist group’s bombing of some Middle Eastern city; you will hear the latest news on a bloodbath in some African country fuelled by religious intolerance; you will hear the latest news on the economical crisis in Europe; the latest news on the African-American protests against police brutality and racism in North America; the latest news on a plane crash, a school bus falling off a bridge, a man murdering his wife and children, homosexuals being persecuted in Russia, a reporter being beheaded somewhere in the Middle East… If you turn on the news, chances are you are going to be bombarded with accidents, killings, violence, death.

And we can ask ourselves: what is the common factor in all these headlines? Fear. They all feed fear. People are being injected with fear everyday. Why? Because fear will most likely keep you quietly in a corner, it will keep you under control, expecting your Government and those who are supposed to defend and represent you to keep you safe. As along as you are afraid, you will cling to your steady, uneventful, reassuring daily lifestyle.

And while you are calmly and subserviently doing your everyday life – go to work, pay your taxes, feed your family, buy a car, pay your taxes (don’t forget to pay your taxes! Oh, never mind, nobody will let you forget…) – the media will throw at you all kinds of material possessions that will keep you comfortable and content. Consumerism is a two-sided weapon: on one hand, it keeps people distracted, constantly seducing them with new additions to their ordinary, safe life. On the other hand, it brings profit to those in power. The same ones who fund and pay for the armed conflicts that are then used to scare people on the news.

Mainstream Media and the alleged World leaders have effectively achieved a devastating reality in today’s world: they have built a psychological and sometimes physical barrier between the Western countries (the “most developed countries”, the “First World countries”) and the rest of the world (the “Third World countries”, the poor, those considered to be less civilized). They have effectively made most people believe that what affects a certain African country, children in Colombia, women in the Middle East, cannot physically affect them in their own homes. For many Western people, when they turn on the news and hear of the latest bombing in Afghanistan or the latest attack on a Kenyan university, they feel momentarily shocked and sorry for the victims and then they go back to their dinner. This idea that the evil committed upon some does not affect all is a blatant and dangerous lie.

There are no barriers, no frontiers between us, living beings of the Earth, except those we build ourselves – whether in our minds or on paper. These barriers are threats to global peace and global well-being. For as long as we keep viewing violence against others as a shameful act that we can do nothing about, our world will be unbalanced.

So how do we change this? The truth is it is already changing.

Global consciousness* (or global awareness) is already growing towards a shifting paradigm. People are starting to wake up and to realise that they are being fed with lies and frauds. The yet so common and powerful idea of individualism that we have been living under for so long is starting to change. People are not satisfied with their ways of life. They are not content with the changeless, unsatisfactory routines that keep them from truly exploring their passions and their nature. They see that our World leaders are not tending to the needs of Planet Earth. They see that all of us, together, have the power to change the paradigm. To shift our global consciousness.

There have hardly ever been so many protests, public events and riots happening in so many different places at the very same time before. News of this can be found everywhere… except in the Mainstream Media. Searching for alternative media outlets can change the way you think by giving you a hopeful, healthier picture of what life on this Planet can be like. So if what you see around you appears only to bring pessimism, suffering and irreversibility, try to find another perspective – one of unity and change. Shifting Consciousness is a process that has already been set in motion, but it can only affect the entire world if everybody starts exploring it – and changing their own consciousness.


* Global Consciousness: The concept that, when a certain number of people focus their minds, their consciousness, on a common cause, they will influence the world around them.





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